Sensory Development with a Fun Fall Project!

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Craft projects are a great way to work on motor skills with your child. Autumn is a wonderful time to bring the outdoors indoors by collecting a variety of nature’s gifts. Here is a fun project that will stimulate their sensory development with the textures and smells of Fall while building a memento to treasure!
• Use a sturdy paper plate as a base for your wreath. Cut out the center portion of the plate to form the shape.
• Go outdoors with a small brown lunch bag and collect a variety of twigs, autumn leaves, pinecones and anything else that catches your child’s eye.

• Now go indoors and lay out your findings on a table. Your child can now squeeze white glue around outer edge of the plate—it is an excellent way to build hand strength, dexterity and eye hand coordination.

• Begin layering the twigs first. Continue layering pinecones, leaves, and dried flowers while squeezing glue to secure items as you move along. Make sure your child is the one placing the items to get the full sensory and fine motor experience!

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• Top it off with a cinnamon stick, a pinch of glitter if desired, and a festive bow.

Let your child choose where to proudly display their masterpiece and enjoy!

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