Cold Weather Skills: Buttoning and Zipping

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Baby it’s cold outside…so now is a great time to get your child practicing on how to button or zip up! Activities and adaptations to make dressing skills easier are always welcome to little ones who are in the process of learning how to get dressed. So before you break out the Christmas sweater and winter coats, here are a few ideas to make learning a snap:

Blog 6 Piggy
  • Practice activities that promote the lateral pinch needed for fasteners including placing coins in a piggy bank. Make it even more challenging by providing a slit wide enough for plastic chips or coins to fit through in a disposable container such as a margarine tub.
Blog 6 Zipper Pull
  • Zipper pulls can be readily attached to the existing zipper tab. They are fun, colorful and motivating, allowing your child to get the grip they need! Check out our add-on selections under Apparel and Accessories.

Want to learn more about ages and stages of buttoning and zippering and dressing skills? Check out this great article that provides even more helpful tips:

Remember to be patient and encouraging to make it a positive experience. When your child masters these skills, they’ll feel proud of their accomplishment. Now go bundle up and enjoy the cool outdoors!

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