Creating Long-lasting Holiday Memories

The holiday season is in full swing and with children in the home, it’s always a flurry of excitement. Selecting a tree! The presents! The lights! Traditions are in the making with every bulb hung, every cookie made and every song sung; these moments create treasured memories. Enjoy these moments and engage your little one in the holiday festivities:

  • Have your child hang plush ornaments towards the bottom of the tree. Using a pipe-cleaner to hang the ornament is safe and easy for your child to handle. Take a moment to recognize their achievement and contribution—this builds close relations, a strong sense of belonging and boosts their self-esteem.

Blog 8 Lori and Connor Holiday Socks

  • Have your child color a wooden ornament with markers, crayons or paint. Adorn the tree or hang throughout your home where your child will see it easily! Or get fun holiday socks and have them color them in with fabric markers.
  • Turn up traditional holiday tunes as your child helps out in the kitchen. Provide child sized baking mitts, small cookie sheets and child-friendly plates to go through the motions of baking. With their own small rolling pins and spatulas they can partake in the finishing touches while working fine motor skills. Even the youngest child can be present handing you supplies and hand towels as needed.
  • Folding napkins or placing them in ring holders is a great way to help at the table. Have your child assist in a holiday bouquet for the table.
  • Homemade holiday and thank you cards can be created from one of their festive drawings. Top it off with holiday stickers for friends and family to treasure their creations.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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