Spread the Fun: Angels in the Snow!

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Bilateral coordination involves the ability to use both sides of the body together in a coordinated manner. This skill is called upon when catching a ball, riding a bike and jumping rope. Another great activity to develop this skill is having your child make “angels in the snow.” Even if you do not live where it snows, it can be performed indoors on the floor with cotton fill.  This activity can be adapted to both older and younger children. Here is how to get your child in the fun!

  • Have your child lay flat on the ground with their arms and legs together so their body is perfectly straight. Have your child begin by opening just their legs in a rhythmic fashion.
  • Move onto to just the arms which tends to be a bit trickier—have them raise their arms up overhead while maintaining contact with the surface.
  • Put it together now with the arms and legs opening in unison forming angels in the snow!
  • For the older child let the challenge begin: try to see if they can do one arm and leg on the same side or alternate left and right. For the younger child, challenge them to spread open their legs and close them only, then open their arms and repeat legs/arms/legs/arms.

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Join in on the fun alongside your child who may find it easier imitating movements through demonstration. Enjoy coordinating your movements together to make a “family” of angels to resemble your own family!

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