Musical Motor Fun!

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Children naturally love music and even the littlest one will bounce along to a song. So turn up the tunes and grab the shakers, tambourines and noise makers and have your child join in on the fun. Musical instruments encourage motor skills, creativity and depending upon the tempo they can be either calming or energizing. What better way to have fun in 2017 with a bang…or a beat!

  • Drums, xylophones, piano and flutes all encourage bilateral skills, the ability to use both hands together. Even if it sounds like a cacophony let the symphony begin! Even toddlers can join in on the fun with a shaker in each hand or they can clap along.
  • Slower paced music with a consistent and predictable rhythm will have a calming effect on the system. Music that is quick paced and more upbeat will have an alerting effect and this facilitates action/movement.
  • Just as it’s more fun to work out to music, encourage your child to get off the couch for some music and dance as an exciting way to exercise! Have your child turn around, jump up and down and rock side to side to the beat. Have your child dance to the “Hokey Pokey” or sing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” slowly at first so your child can keep up. For older children speed it up or make up your own words as you move along.

Remember to capture these great family moments and join in on the fun too!

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