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Summertime is here—that means it’s time to get your child’s hands messy! Incorporating sensory development into your child’s playtime has many benefits and makes for an all-around good time. If you are stumped on how to infuse fun into their summer days, we’ve dreamt up some clever ideas to ensure your child is having fun while also developing their sensory skills. HOOT for Kids has a few helpful ways to get your child outside and immersed in their surroundings!

  • Sand play is a great way to engage your child’s sense of touch and gives them the ability to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Don’t live near a beach? Bring the beach to you and create a sandbox in your backyard. There is no wrong way to play with sand so dig, scoop, sculpt and pour away!
  • On hot summer days, water play is the way to go! This type of play can activate a child’s curiosity, imagination and experimentation. Whether your child is splashing around in the pool with you or enjoying bath time with you and their favorite toys, water play allows them to freely explore their creative side.  
  • Bring on the mess! Don’t be afraid to let your child get their hands dirty this summer. Whether it’s finger painting, playing in the mud or making soap foam bubbles, your child has endless opportunities to engage their visual and touch senses. These activities can spark creativity and foster a fun learning environment for your child.

Sensory processing skills are directly linked to your child’s motor, cognitive, social and emotional growth. It is important to make sure that children are getting the most out of play time. In addition, purpose-driven play promotes focus and attention to task which helps improve a child’s concentration. Have some fun this summer and give your child the tools they need to promote sensory driven play while developing their own sense of creativity and imagination.

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Lisa Cummings OTR/L
Director of Fun, Co-Founder & Mother of Four
Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Sensory Integration and Praxis Test Certified (SIPT)

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